Ace.jpg Ace 4-Wheelin

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I’m writing to tell you about the GREAT German Shepherd pup I purchased from you in September 2001. Ace is ‘one of a kind.’ His temperament is very hard to find; he has soft eyes and a gentle mouth – he is so playful and full of life. He is everything I was looking for in a German Shepherd. I am very pleased and happy with Ace and if I ever need or want another German Shepherd puppy, I will definitely call you at Bell Hollow.

Also, I am very pleased with his training. His training is excellent and he listens well. If I ever need another dog trained, I will not hesitate to call Bell Hollow. It didn’t take 6 weeks to have him trained, and it doesn’t take me 2 hours every day to work with him. With the training you taught me, it is a way of life and I only have to work with him 10—15 minutes a day to maintain his training. He goes everywhere with me because he listens so well. ~~~ Ron Leach

Last modified: October 07, 2005