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Message from Norm Robison (Owner)

I have had a love for dogs all of my life, having raised German Shepherd's for about the past 18 years.  After working with another reputable dog trainer, I then decided to further my education and attend National K-9 School for Dog Trainers in Columbus, OH.   With hard work and dedication, I graduated in December 2000 earning certification in puppy development, basic and advanced obedience training, utility, agility, tracking, police K-9, scent detection and personal protection. After graduation, I opened my own dog training center in January 2001 and as a professional dog trainer have enjoyed educating others while working with their dogs and training them to be a more enjoyable pet and to be able to be part of the family.  The focus of my concern is to give the dogs and their owners the knowledge and tools to work with each other to form a bond that is enjoyable and lasts a lifetime.

 The enjoyment and satisfaction of an owner and dog working together and making the training a part of life; to me doesn’t get any better.  Yes, I could train a dog to maybe score a 195 - 200 in the AKC obedience ring, or to do circus tricks and playful little things, but those things are not what is important. Having a dog and an owner be able to communicate with each other in every day life, have a mutual respect for each other and a bond for the rest of their lives, is the most important thing. 

 Yes, I can take your dog, I can train it, I can get it to where it is working better than you ever thought imaginable, but your dog is going home with you.  Having you and the dog working together through hard work and dedication, these things aren’t going to happen over night.   The dedication is that I will teach, I will help, I will put my effort in teaching and helping you as long as you apply that same effort to your dog. For example:  I have your dog for 5 training days, I teach your dog to heel, automatic sit, stay, sit, and down at the side, that doesn’t mean your dog is going to respond to you. In order for this or any of our programs to be successful, owners must work at home to change patterns and habits. Our dogs should be educated enough to live their lives around us as humans.  We’re not here for our dogs… our dogs are here to please us and with the right training, this can be accomplished!



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