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Why Puppy Pre-School?

Thought before hand will save later pain for both of you. The most important time of a puppy’s life is between 8-10 weeks. The key word in teaching is ‘Praise’.

Puppy Pre-SchoolEach year more than 10,000,000 dogs are given up by owners, killed on the streets, or euphemized due to behavior problems.  The reason is usually a lack of understanding between the dog and the owners.  The objective for setting up a puppy pre-school is to teach owners to understand their puppies needs, and how to socialize puppies properly.  The program is also designed to teach owners how to solve and prevent future behavioral problems. 

 Along with puppy pre-school, first -aid basics are taught.  Such as:  Taking a dogs temperature, pulse rate, how to muzzle your dog, shock, and how to set up a first-aid kit. 

 Handling exercises as far as toes, smell to check ears, mouth and teeth, tail, heartbeat, capillary refill/reflex, dehydration, ‘force’ treat, gentle head pat, gentle hug, eyes and nose.  With these handling exercises, you will learn the ‘how’s’ and explanation for all.

 You will also receive a free puppy manual that deals with keeping your puppy healthy, the domestication and socialization of your puppy, feeding and house breaking, dealing with annoying habits, exercising your puppy, leash and collar training, and much more on how to enjoy the new addition to your family.


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