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Dear Norm,

We would like to thank you for the excellent training "Our Dog Jake" received. When we first met he was very unruly to say the least. With your training he has become much better. We know it will take work on our part buteverythingyou taught him will make our job much easier. Not only did Jakie learn better behavior, we also learned to be patient and to talk normal instead of yelling at him. The return visits were a great help. You could see what we were not doing and instruct us on what needed to be done. I know if we ever have a problem we can call you for help.We continue to work with him daily and there is improvement with every workout. We were also impressed that your whole family gets involved with the training in some manner. Once again we would like to thank you and your family for the excellent training and care he received at your home. Jeff & Maxine

I just wanted to let you know how the training’s going with Lexi. We’ve been working on it every day. Her ‘sit’ seems to be a little slow though, she’s not as sharp as she is with you. We took her to my son’s soccer game and worked with her there on ‘down’ so we could watch the game and she did well at that. She gets distracted when we walk down the road, but she’s not pulling and the middle of her back is at my leg instead of her head. All in all, I think she’s about 80% better than she was before the training. I think that is pretty good, and no barbaric collar!!! I am pleased with the results.

Lisa Saupp

I wanted to say that Norm did a great job with Toby. We recently moved into the area and wanted to get our dog trained; all we heard were good things about Bell Hollow Dog Training Center. When we called Norm, he talked us through some 'puppy development' issues, and when Toby was old enough for training, we took him over. We just couldn't get over how well Toby listens now. We work with him daily, but we can always call Norm if we have questions. We are able to enjoy our dog and he is a part of the family.

Donna Pavlic

January 31, 2002 -- To: Bell Hollow Dog Training Center

We bought our now 9-month-old true German Shepard (Roxi) from the Bell Hollow Dog Training Center and had her trained there at 6 months old.

Jim and myself have had many different breeds of dogs between the two of us and we both agree that Roxi is hands down the best dog either one of us has ever had. We know that it is not a miracle how well Roxi behaves, (because Norm told us that it is the training not to mention the quality breed of the dog) but still day after day we talk about what a good dog Roxi is and how well she listens – she is a very smart dog.

Within a week of bringing Roxi home she was listening to come, sitting and fetching, but now that we have all had proper training we realize that there is a lot more to having an obedient dog; it is not just the dog that gets trained at Bell Hollow Dog Training Center, the owners are trained as well, knowing the proper techniques on handling and correcting your dog makes all the difference in how well your dog listens to you. Roxi did not want to listen to me hardly at all before we had her trained, but with the training she does listen because she knows what is expected of her and raising my voice is a thing of the past.

We can take Roxi anywhere now and know that she is safe and in our control. Norms' training has made our relationship with Roxi and our everyday life much easier and happier!

If you are thinking of having your dog trained, go to Bell Hollow Dog Training Center, you won't regret it and if you are thinking about a new puppy… ask them about that too.

Jim and Jennifer, Milroy, PA

Dear Norm, I’m writing to tell you about the GREAT German Shepard pup I purchased from you in September 2001. Ace is ‘one of a kind.’ His temperament is very hard to find; he has soft eyes and a gentle mouth – he is so playful and full of life. He is everything I was looking for in a German Shepard. I am very pleased and happy with Ace and if I ever need or want another German Shepard puppy, I will definitely call you at Bell Hollow.

Also, I am very pleased with his training. His training is excellent and he listens well. If I ever need another dog trained, I will not hesitate to call Bell Hollow. It didn’t take 6 weeks to have him trained, and it doesn’t take me 2 hours every day to work with him. With the training you taught me, it is a way of life and I only have to work with him 10—15 minutes a day to maintain his training. He goes everywhere with me because he listens so well.

Ron Leach

Dear Norm: March 11, 2002

Expectations, Communication, Roles & Goals. That is how we define what your training is focused on!

We tragically lost a family pet, because she was never taught the tools that could have saved her life. Had she learned those lessons, she would still be with us today. She died when she was 11 months old. I blame myself for that terrible day, and vowed I would never make the mistake of not having a professionally trained dog ever again!

When we felt ready for another Rotty, we ended up with littermates (2 females). We met Norm Robinson, proprietor of Bell Hollow Dog Training Center, when our “girls” were 5 months old. We met with Norm and explained to him what our goals were and what he delivered far exceeded those goals.

Relationships cannot be successful without knowing what is expected and communications must be understood. Your relationship with your dog(s) shouldn’t be any different. Norm teaches you AND your dog to crawl before you walk and to walk before you run. What was a pleasant relationship with our Rots became a PLEASURABLE one. Our girls go everywhere with us, and countless times, they have been complimented on their behavior. This can only be attributed to the quality training and dedication to excellence by Norm.

The roles Bourbon & Brandy have in our family are acted out without moans & groans, they are happier in knowing what is expected of them and are cheerful in doing what is asked of them.

Thank you very much for bringing out the wonderful qualities and personalities in our dogs. You get a well deserved 5 star rating from these customers!

Jeff & Michele Yeager
LakeView Stables ( and proud Rottweiler owners)

Dear Norm,

I wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am with the progress of Raven's training. When I dropped Raven off and received a demo from youand Elfie, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical that the same skills you demonstrated to me could be taught to Raven in that short amount of time. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when all of what you said and did with your dog, Raven could do as well when I came to get her.

With your advice, I continue to work with Raven at home and can see a significant improvement week to week. The follow up lessons with you are a great learning tool not only for Raven, but for me as well. The lessons have made the training process a positive experience for both Raven and myself.

As a dog owner for the last 25 years, I thought I knew a lot about dogs and their behavior, but I can honestly say that taking your program has increased my knowledge greatly. The training has also assisted me with my search and rescue work with Raven.

Your commitment and genuine care for the dogs and people you work with are evident with your attention to detail, method of instruction and follow up calls.

I would highly recommend that anyone wishing to enhance their knowledge and have their dog trained by a true professional should contact you. The results speak for themselves.

Sincerely, Chris McKnight, Athletic Director,
and Head Baseball Coach,
Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD


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